Top-Quality Chipper Products

Products Available

  • Safety glasses
  • Chippers and chipper shredders
  • Quality hand tools
  • Pressure washers and supplies
  • Parking lot blowers, vac lawn blowers and vacs
  • Mowers - commercial and home use
  • Commercial handheld equipment
  • Lawn grips - the only shoe designed for landscape professionals
  • Quality durable edgers that last
  • Oils and lubricants


Hotsy Pressure Washers

Hotsy is one of the best known industrial pressure washer brands available today. Hotsy pressure washers are built to handle the toughest of cleaning jobs and are used by professionals in a wide variety of cleaning applications.


STIHL makes chainsaws for dedicated professionals to home landscape enthusiasts around the world. STIHL advancements and innovations throughout the decades have made their chainsaw the number one selling brand worldwide, and remain so today, offering more models of chainsaws than other brands.
We service all equipment sold at Chino Mower and Engine Service.


When we say the STIHL line of lightweight backpacks and handheld blowers are among the most powerful in the industry, we're not just blowing hot air. These versatile machines will effortlessly blow away debris from driveways, lawns and tough-to-reach spots around the home, as well as from parking lots, stadium grounds and other commercial facilities.
Some models can be converted into sprayers and shredder vacs.


STIHL trimmers are designed for homeowners looking for a lightweight hedge trimmer with an extended reach. These trimmers feature a fixed angle and have an articulating extended length hedge trimmer. The HL100 series offers more torque than previous models and have the emission's compliant STIHL 4-MIX® engine. These models also feature EASYSTART® and anti-vibration system.

Kombi System

This is a complete family of multi-task landscaping tools. Using the split shaft design, you can easily and quickly change to numerous different attachments. It's designed in levels of power from a homeowner to a professional.

Hedge Trimmers

STIHL offers a range of different hedge trimmers to satisfy the homeowners and the professionals. Available with single or double sides and blade length from 18" to 40".

Yard Boss

This versatile, lightweight and powerful unit is the answer to homeowners' tough lawn chores. It's more than just a cultivator. It easily changes to other useful tools and is the most adaptable tool ever.


STIHL Pruners are powered by the patented STIHL 4-MIX® engine. The HT 100 has a fixed-length pole and features the exclusive EASYSTART® system. The HT 101 is ideal for hard-to-reach places; it has an adjustable shaft that telescopes to 11.5' and features a fuel primer for quick and easy starting.


There are no jobs tougher than those on construction sites, demolition operations and rescue work. And there is no better companion than the STIHL Cutqick cutoff machine. It has serious power convenient controls, lightweight design, durability, heavy-duty air filtration system for extremely long run times, the list just goes on. Stop by to see one for yourself.

Protective Equipment

Whether you are a professional or just an occasional power equipment user, STIHL has you covered. Literally. Our Pro Mark line offers a great selection of head to toe protective gear, clothing and accessories.

Exmark Mower

Any mower can cut grass. Only Exmark mowers deliver the quality cut that so many landscape professionals and their customers have come to depend on. Exmark has spent a great deal of time developing a product that will stand out from the competition.

Ariens Mowers

Versatile Ariens walk-behind mowers are designed to maximize operator comfort without compromising performance. Each mower features a compact design, ergonomic controls, and easy maneuverability for optimum cutting.
These mowers feature:
  • Adjustable 3-speed (on LM21SC)
  • Self-propelled Infi-Speed™ drive (on LM21SC and LM21SCH)
  • 3-in-1 system lets you change quickly from mulching to bagging to discharging
  • Tough 6hp Robin® engine backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Six cutting heights
  • 4-position handlebar
We stand behind our machine. We think you should too.

Commercial Mowers

One look and you will see these machines skimp on nothing, that's because every inch of every feature is designed with the customer in mind. Even the biggest mowing job feels quick, easy and even fun.

Innovation, Not Imitation

Echo has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years and has consistently been the technological innovator, never the product imitator.

Baretto Tillers and Trenchers

Are you looking for Barreto Tillers and Trenchers? Tillers that literally revolutionized the rental equipment industry?
Chino Mower and Engine Service carries a wide range of Tiller products from Barretto.