Hotsy Pressure Washers

Nobody Knows Construction Cleaning Like Hotsy

We Have Been Pressure Washer Specialists in the Construction Industry for Over 35 Years

  • Because clean equipment lasts longer, Hotsy pressure washers pay for themselves in early detection of oil leaks and potential repairs. A Hotsy also keeps dust and dirt from choking the cooling system and overheating the engine
  • Choose from over 80 models
  • Hot water gas engine machines built to be easily bolted to trailers or truck beds
  • LP and natural gas stationary units for equipment rooms and wash bay applications
  • Portable oil-fired units for multiple locations
  • Heavy angle iron frame and chassis; durable powder coat paint resists years of corrosion and rugged use
  • Gas engine belt drive units will draw water 12-ft to themselves; easily adapted to water tanks, water trucks and ponds
  • Designed and built to use with high-pressure detergent for heavy-duty, caked-on dirt, grease and grime
  • Hot water cleans best and Hotsy is North America’s #1 name in high-pressure cleaning systems


Hotsy pumps carry a 7-year limited WARRANTY. All Hotsy models areETL-Certified to rigid UL-1776 safetystandards

Heavy-Duty Pressure Washers for the Construction Industry

Outstanding Local Service
Hotsy has more than 130 sales and services distributors in North America, all factory-trained to properly evaluate your high-pressure cleaning needs. Over 80% of Hotsy’s distributors have been supporting Hotsy systems for more than 20 years. This seasoned network of local service professionals will ensure you get the safest, most cost-effective and most efficient cleaning solution to your specific cleaning needs.
Clean Better With Hotsy Detergents
Hotsy pressure washers clean best when matched with Hotsy detergents, specially formulated for high-pressure cleaning. More than 40 liquids and powders meet every cleaning need. Hotsy’s exclusive advanced-formula HCC additives help prevent scale buildup and fights corrosion in your equipment. Most Hotsy detergents are USDA andCanadian Agriculture approved. All are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.


Pivot Hose Reel

Lockable 360° swivel design takes the pain out of handling high-pressure hose


Extra-Length Hoses

Speed cleaning time by reaching further


Wand Extensions

Allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas and tall equipment with the added reach of 12 to 24 ft.

Flat Surface Cleaner

Attaches to hot or cold-water pressure washer with spinning spray bar for extra-fast cleaning of floors, walkways and other flat surfaces


Increases detergent dwell time on vertical surfaces, such as tractor trailers, walls, and crates


Remote Operation

Locate your pressure washer in one room, with remote controls and wands in other rooms

13376162High-Pressure Nozzles

Jackhammer effect blasts away dirt